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Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills
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I can provide phone numbers if you are interested in contacting my references. 
  1. Sue Zuckerberg in West Bloomfield
    Sue Zuckerberg in West Bloomfield
  2. Josandra Notter in Franklin
    Josandra Notter in Franklin
  3. Myia & Bill in West Bloomfield
    Myia & Bill in West Bloomfield
  4. Amie Stern in Birmingham
    Amie Stern in Birmingham
  5. Renee Reimer in Bloomfield
    Renee Reimer in Bloomfield
  6.   Ann Manning in Bloomfield
    Ann Manning in Bloomfield
Reviews from local clients

Randy Rubin

Bloomfield, MI

Dan has a magic way with dogs and can be trusted with making certain that your baby is happy and cared for.  
Molly loves him and now Molly's two cousins do as well.  
It's a real family affair and Dan has provided us photos that are priceless along the way!


Bloomfield, MI

Dan is the loving dog sitter that everyone hopes for. He himself is a rare breed!  This is not just a job for him it's a passion. He puts his heart and soul into every single dog he sits for. My list of dog sitters that I trust has dwindled down to only 1 name and that is Dan.  All I can say is if you ever see his Facebook page called  Lucy's World you will be sold on him. The love he has for his dog shows what a kind soul this man has..  It's hard to find people who love their dog like Dan does but most of all he loves everyones pets just as much. He volunteers at the Humane Society in his spare time as well as does fundraisers for pet rescues. He is also certified in CPR and first aid for canines. This is very important for a dog sitter to have knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency. This is a rare breed of a human in today's world and this is the only kind I want as my dog sitter.  Once you meet Dan and his dog Lucy you will fall in love with both of them and that is a guarantee!  
After your pets meet him they will be begging you to go on vacation!

Amie Stern

Birmingham, MI

What a relief to have found Dan, we now can leave town without worrying or boarding our two dogs.  Not to mention we got a house sitter and a petsitter all in one.  One of our dogs required medication three times a day, he handled it with no problem.  He walks the dogs, spends time playing with them and will take them to grooming appointments if needed.  We called him on short notice this last time and was pleasantly surprised that he kept notes on our dogs, our house, and emergency contacts.  He's very professional, we highly recommend him.
Kammy and Nino Love his Lucy too.

Ann Manning

Bloomfield, MI

Try Dan once, and you'll never again worry about your pets when you go out of town.   He gives them his undivided attention and affection, which is more than most of us have time to regularly do.  

Dan took care of our two dogs for 2.5 weeks this summer. He came over to walk them, or just to play, several times a day, and then spent the nights with them.  One of the dogs got an ear infection while we were gone.  Dan took her to the vet, and then gave her medication several times a day.

For us, the magic was in the anazing way he had with the dogs.  He clearly loved them.  Our older dog is a little cranky and doesn't get along well with many people.  Dan has such a way with animals, and took the time to patiently work with her, that she was in love after just a couple of days and never left his side.  Knowing our Ginger, thst's saying a lot.

So I guess thst's the bottom line,  Dan's not a just a babysitter you hire to look after your kids -- he's the grandma from out of town who has come for a visit.  He's family for your pets.

Renee R.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Dan took care of my two cats last fall.  One is very friendly and the other more careful and shy.  
On Dan's first visit the shy one went up to Dan after just a few minutes and that was the best recommendation.  
While gone he kept me well informed with e-mails and photos and when returning I found the 'boys' in great shape.  
I am so glad to have someone to leave them with in their own surroundings.